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Clash of Clans Not Hack Free [Bot] For Pc [v5.1.5] [Unlimited Resources]

Written By Arief Suryana on Tuesday, 16 February 2016 | 23:36

This Bot will Farm for you....Just Keep it Running on your PC and Sleep....
Your Resources will be Max when you Wake Up.....

MyBot - The Best Free Clash of Clans Bot | Best Free Clash Bot | Best Free COC Bot


  • Boost Barrack and Boost Heroes misclicks
  • Locate Barracks misclicks
  • Unnecessary checks for TH location on Drop Trophy
  • Return Home button detection and misclicks on Attack button
  • Recover from OOS do not start Search/Attack again immediately unless you have a full army
  • Searching for TH when TH Snipe is enabled
  • Detection of League level after Attack
  • Support for BlueStacks 2 and Droid4X
  • Donate, added some time between clicks to wait for proper windows to open/close
  • Early Take-a-break detection
  • Checking for Request CC troops when the bot is just used for Donating troops, not checking all the time
  • Auto detection of System Local to auto set the BOT GUI language on first run, manual change will be remembered.
  • Snow Theme detection (and Normal Theme too) for deadbase and Townhall image selection used on Search
  • Building images with snow (Elixir collectors, Townhall)
  • GUI option to search for 75%+ full collectors on deadbase (default is 90%+)

Essential software :
READ this before install the new bot :


Hack for Windows
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Seven Knights Hack Cheats For unlimited Rubies

Written By Arief Suryana on Friday, 12 February 2016 | 00:51

Seven Knights Cheats Tool 2016 For Android iOS - Free Download

If you been search of some cheats witch can generate for you limitless Rubies in new Seven Knights android game then you definately are in right place because we simply launched a special software exactly for cheating and including resources to the your game account.  This amazing cheat app works great with all Android and iOS tablets and phones additionally don’t require root or jailbreak so you'll be able to run the software without any issues Directly on your smartphones or anything witch have Android or iOS systems! Also we don't password defend our hack apps!

Our Seven Knights mod simply provides all the hacked Rubies or other items to your game account, helping you keep on top of your game and reach excessive scores. Seven Knights Rubies Generator tools make the game even more easy and bring more fun.

One more Next thing worth mentioning is that this Hack contains extra security scripts. By these protect option you can without any issues use our software.

Thanks for visiting. We hope that Seven Knights Rubies Hack Gold you only benefits. When you have one thing on your mind, please don’t hesitate, and write to us, we are right here that will help you, and to give you the best solution in your questions.

Seven Knights Hack Functions:

Add Unlimited Rubies

Add Unlimited Gold

Auto Updated


Proxy System

Anti-Ban System

Seven Knights Cheat Details:

Support System: Android/ios/All versions of Windows

Undetecable and safe

Versions directly for mobile devices and also for PC with windows

No root or jailbreak needed

Download Seven Knights Hack Tool for Android and iOS Now!

Download for Windows: 
Hack for Windows
Download for Android:
Hack for Android
Download for iOS:
hack tool for ios

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BLEACH Brave Souls v2.1.0 (1 Hit Kill & more) AndyLee mod share [ UPDATE 04/Feb (ENG & JAP) ]

Written By Arief Suryana on Thursday, 11 February 2016 | 00:28

Name: (JAP ONLY) BLEACH Brave Souls
Version: 2.1.0
Root Needed?: NO

1. Increase Player Attack 100X power *can be toggle on/off, see below
2. Reduce Enemy Attack power
3. Remove root protection
4. Get 3 Star finish even if don't meet stage requirement (like # of combo, use of auto etc)
*note* some stages need to include certain character in party to get the star
5. Increase 2X speed *can be toggle on/off, see below

Attack and speed can be toggle on/off (Japanese Version)
In game main page, click on gear symbol on top right corner - look for gear/music note (4th button on left column)
1st row xxxxxx防止 - on for 2X speed, off for normal speed)
Last row 文字送x - on for 100X attack, off for normal attack (make sure off before playing arena)

Attack and speed can be toggle on/off (English Version)
To Toggle 100X Attack
In Setting - Options - General -
Text Speed ON - 100X Attack Power, Text Speed OFF - Normal Attack

To Toggle 2X Speed
In Setting - Options - General -
Prevent Sleep Mode ON - 2X speed. Prevent Sleep Mode OFF - Normal Speed

as per all modded game. there is always RISK of being banned, so play safe especially for any ranked events, arena or battle that have recorded damages
Player attack 100X power work now for all story and events
However, it will NOT work for arena anymore
This is because there are people MIS-USING in Arena which lead to people complaining and then game dev adding new security patch which was why the mod could not work yesterday.
So to protect against new patch in future, modder Andylee have disable mod for arena.

Install Steps:
Game is in Japanese release only, there is NO english version sadly.
Gameplay is stardard action RPG style - like Soul Seeker etc, should be simple enough to understand.

For reference, see google english translate website guide for this game
Google Translate
- install this mod apk
- data file will be downloaded ingame
- Enjoy ^_^

At the main menu, click on the bottom right corner button to login to facebook to save progress.
Only facebook will work, it is not possible to sign in to google using mod apk

Mod Apk - Download BLEACH Brave Souls 0204 apk
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Battle Girl High School V1.0.56 (JP) (Dmg ,God Mod,SP, Speed , Auto Battle,Mission Rank)

Name of game : Battle Girl High School ( JP )
Version: 1.0.56
Root needed?: NO
PlayStore: Google Play

1- God Mod ( enemies won't be able to attack you )
2- Damage ( Massive damage )
3- SP ( Mana for skills )
4- Speed x 2
5- Rank S ( Always get Rank S in Missions in story mode ) << New..!!
6- Auto Play ( Change character to trigger it ... You won't be able to move )

Note: Auto Battle in Mod number 7 is always on you can't toggle it off and you have to complete the tutorial first or you will be stuck

- Download the mod you wish
- install apk
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Written By Arief Suryana on Tuesday, 9 February 2016 | 00:19

Name: Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG
Root: No

1. Reduce monster HP
2. God Mode
3. Unlimited Mana
4. No Skill Cooldown
5. Remove Cheat Detector

Install Steps:
1. Install as a normal APK
2. If you have error "An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed" then uninstall old version before install mine

Download Guardian Hunter Super BrawlRPG Dai CaVN fixed apk
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Ice Age Adventures - VER. 1.8.0o

Written By Arief Suryana on Tuesday, 6 October 2015 | 00:31

Name: Ice Age Adventures
Version: 1.8.0o
Root: No

What's Modded?
• Free Shopping
• Anti-Ban Patched

Install Steps:
1.) Install downloaded APK.
2.) Done.
3.) Launch the game and now we're all happy!

note : Install play store version, download files through game and overwrite it with my mod after downloading the files

Playstore Link: Click Me!
Download: Here

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Call of Mini Infinity v2.5 Mod *7 Mods!*

Written By Arief Suryana on Thursday, 1 October 2015 | 03:46

Game Name: Call of Mini Infinity
Version: 2.5
Root Needed: No

*Mods Included*
1.) Max Level
2.) High KD
3.) Unlimited Obsidian
4.) Unlimited Gold
5.) Unlimited Crystals
6.) God Mode
7.) Instant Kill


1.) Everybody's level and KD will look huge on your screen.
2.) Your level will look like your original level in the chat but in the match lobby, it will be maxed out.

*Install Steps*

1.) Extract files to desktop
2.) Move obb folder to -> /sdcard/android/obb
3.) Install apk

Download: Click Here
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